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Student Resources

Student Resources


The Student Nurses Association of India

The Student Nurses Association of India is a non political professional organization functioning at institutional, regional, State and National level. Our institution also has an active SNA unit since the inception of the college. Every new entrant to the undergraduate course will be enrolled as SNA unit member on the day of admission. SNA is a platform for students to develop professionally and personally. Members on completion of course will be inducted to the Trained Nurses association of India.

Every year students represent SNA at various levels (unit, zonal and State) to participate in academic and non academic activities.SNA observes all health and related national and international days (eg. World Health day, International tobacco day, mental health day, World AIDS day, Nurses day etc.) and do their best to create awareness about the importance of the day to the professionals as well as the public. Further to preserve the culture and tradition of the society various festivals are also celebrated in the campus in an enthusiastic manner by SNA. As a part of it charity services are organized periodically.

Sports, Arts and Cultural

Various programmes and activities are encouraged in the campus for the development of skills and talents of students in sports, arts and cultural. Students are expected to utilize spare and allotted extra time

for enhancing their hidden capabilities. The students are motivated to participate and explore opportunities available in the campus and outside the campus for self development both professional and personal. They have to strive hard to uplift the banner of the profession through active involvement in all constructive and productive programmes in the campus and ensure consistent performance throughout the course of study.

Nature Club

Promotion of nature protection, environmental cleanliness, pollution control, water preservation, etc is the call of the hour as well as for the future. All students will be members of the nature club and involve themselves seriously in various activities in the campus and outside as a bounden duty of every person under the guidance of the Principal & faculty.

National Service Scheme (NSS)

An active NSS unit under University is functioning in the campus since 2014 onwards. Under the able guidance of NSS faculty advisor, the student volunteers organize general and special camps and other planned activities thereby display their CSR (corporate social responsibilities).